Selected Works

The words 'The Abyss' surrounded by dark blue and black swirls

"‘We are all unwell’: a scholar’s radical approach to health"

Mimi Khúc discusses the concept of unwellness and how it is shaped by the structures around us in a new book, dear elia

The Guardian

A silhouette of a person holding a phone

"Where Are The Good Climate Change Apps?"

Apps could help us track our individualized carbon footprints, but some experts are skeptical.

Atmos Magazine

A pink pill resembling a brain cracks

"Does Long-Term Benadryl Use Increase Dementia Risk?"

Benadryl, which contains diphenhydramine, is a drugstore mainstay and just one medication out of many that could possibly damage brain health

Scientific American

An elderly couple walks away from the camera, amid lush foliage of a public park

"America Is Getting Lonelier and More Indoorsy. That’s Not a Coincidence."

Our relationship to nature and our relationships with one another are deeply intertwined.

The Atlantic

a fern specimen

"The Lady Gaga Ferns Are Losing Their Home. It’s Surprisingly Tragic for Science and Society."

Duke University is closing its century-old herbarium—a legendary plant collection and training ground—to the outcry of many.

Atmos Magazine

An orange-saturated grim landscape of skeletal trees

"Stop Calling It 'Climate Anxiety.' It's Climate Dread."

The phrase “climate dread” better legitimizes the real and tangible threat coming toward us.

The New Republic

An illustration of a massive ball with an orange-yellow gradient sitting atop a person lying prone on bottom of the frame

"How Heat Waves Take a Toll on Mental Health"

Extreme heat can influence mood and raise the likelihood of a more serious mental health issue. Here’s what to know.

The New York Times

A mosaic of illustrated faces

"The case for inviting everyone to everything"

In a time when loneliness is more pervasive than ever, why not extend an invitation?


The blue Jeopardy! stage

"Jeopardy! Winner Reveals Entwined Memory Systems Make a Trivia Champion"

A former Jeopardy! winner led a new study that probes how linked memory systems may give trivia buffs an edge in their game.

Scientific American

The word 'likable' is written in blue and scratched out

"What does it mean to be likable – and who has to abide by those rules?"

‘Likability’ is hardly an objective measure – it’s a vague idea at best, mired in gendered, racialized and political connotations.

The Guardian

An illustration of a figure's head reflected left-right, with swirling hypnotic circles in between

"What Can Hypnosis Do for Your Health?"

This 200-year-old treatment can be effective for a variety of conditions, but it does take work.

The New York Times

A cute figurine with a large translucent bubble melting on its head

"How to Stop Ruminating"

Stuck in a mental loop of worries and problems that seem to have no end? Here’s what you can do.

The New York Times

Two small figurines, one masculine and one feminine, perched within glass mugs, with a backdrop of clouds on a blue sky

"Why some people don’t feel the buzz of caffeine"

Genetics, smoking and medications can all influence how our bodies react to caffeinated beverages.

The Washington Post

A cute toddler getting her bangs cut

"Untangling Race From Hair"

One anthropologist has made it her mission to remove racial prejudices from the study of hair and find the evolutionary roots of hair diversity.


A collage of a woman with her hair masked with many illustrations of various things and colors

"Essay: Does Making Predictions Impede the Formation of Memories?"

When your brain is presented with a scenario, it makes a decision.


A microscope photograph of aquatic organisms

"The ups and downs of a great vertical migration"

Many water dwellers – from plankton to large fish – commute daily from the depths to the surface.

Knowable Magazine; Republished in The Atlantic, Scientific American, Smithsonian Magazine, and Inverse

A Victorian-era illustration of a skink on a log with a flower nearby

"Extinction obituary: the sudden, sad disappearance of the Christmas Island forest skink"

Gump was the last lizard of her kind when she died in 2014, and her demise should be ‘a scar on our conscience’

The Guardian

An old-timey block print illustration of people on a shore waving to a large boat with sails

"The First Global Vaccination Expedition Set Sail in 1803"

A brave doctor and a group of orphans embarked on a voyage to save the world from smallpox.

Discover Mag (Print issue)

Photograph of people walking in a park, some with masks, one with a mask pulled down to his chin

"How to Live With Covid When You Are Tired of Living With Covid"

The BA.5 surge is a reminder that we need to take precautions.

The New York Times

An illustration of a girl sitting on a beach, resting against a palm tree

"Blah Blah Blah: The Lack of Small Talk Is Breaking Our Brains"

Chit-chat is often dismissed as mindless and boring. But its absence over the past year is affecting you more than you think.

The Walrus

A night-time photograph of people spearfishing, illuminated by camera flash

"Indigenous harvest rights still under attack in the upper Great Lakes"

Tribal leaders say racism and harassment persist as members exercise treaty rights.

Environmental Health News