Non-toxic podcast with Daniel Waite Penny
Guest appearance for Non-toxic podcast, January 2024
  • I joined the non-toxic podcast to talk about my recent article in The Atlantic about the relationship between loneliness and biophobia.
Jo's Boys: A Little Women Podcast
Guest appearance for Jo's Boys, September 2023
  • I joined host Peyton Thomas to discuss Chapter 36 of Little Women: Beth's Secret.
KJZZ with Lauren Gilger
Radio appearance for KJZZ, December 2023
  • I joined Lauren Gilger on Phoenix, AZ public radio to talk about my recent Vox article 'Invite everyone to everything'
Radio appearance for KBOO (Portland, Oregon), September 2023
  • I joined Paul Roland to talk about my article in The New Republic about climate dread.
How are you? I am fine: What we lose without small talk
Guest appearance for The Big Story, May 2021
  • Casual small talk plays a larger role in our well-being than we assume it does, and most of us are doing much, much less of it these days. What does that mean for our happiness? And for our pathetic attempts at chit-chat once we emerge back into a world full of random social interactions?
The Weirdest Thing I Learned This Week
Guest appearance for Popular Science, September 2020
  • Learn about how one scientist thought he had discovered the cosmic source of all sexual energy


Sul Sul
Writer for Twenty Thousand Hertz,
  • This is the story of Simlish: How it was created, why it works so well, and why artists ranging from The Black Eyed Peas to The Flaming Lips have re-recorded their songs in this gibberish language.
Storm Chasers
Writer for Wondery: American Innovations, May 2021
  • A two-episode arc on storm chasers in America.
The daunting task of holding an Islamic funeral in a pandemic
Producer for Scienceline, September 2020
  • For some Muslims, the pandemic strips away their ability to mourn
Is artificial intelligence changing art?
Producer for Scienceline, June 2020
  • Technology is permeating every part of human life, including art, but what does that mean?